Sightseeing Packages

All tours operate from Grand Central Airport in Midrand

Gautrain to Grand Central.
The Gautrain station is located approximately 800 meters from the Airport terminal, where we will collect you for the short transfer to terminal for your flight.

Chauffeured transfers
At a cost of R400 per person a chauffeur driven luxury car, will collect and drop you off within 20km of Grand Central.


Sandton CBD

  R2 300/person
  min 2 persons
  30 Min

This option is available from Grand Central, during business hours, Monday to Friday.

This budget flight option to Sandon takes you over the Waterfall City development, Johannesburg Country club, Alexandra, Sandton CBD and on the return flight via Bryanston, Kyalami Castle and the Kyalami Racetrack.

Hartebeespoort (Harties Tour):

Approximately 40 min R4 500-00 pp (2-6 people) Minimum 2 pax per flight

This flight will take you over the picturesque Hartebeespoort Dam via some golf estates and back via the Indaba Nuclear facility.

Stadium Tour

  Approximately 40 min
  Approximately R4 500 per person
  Minimum 2 pax per flight

From Sandton, we route south to the Coca-Cola Stadium in Johannesburg, then turning west, we fly over the Johannesburg CBD en route to the Fifa Soccer City Stadium. Then turning north east again, we route to Zoo Lake and the Wanderers Cricket Stadium. Our next point of interest is the Kyalami Racetrack and Castle in Midrand, Grand Central.

The "Hole" Tour (Weekends Only)

Approximately 1.4 hours R6 300-00 pp (2-6 people) Minimum 2 pax per flight

On weekends (also available during the week), we offer a 1 hour scenic flight from Grand Central, via Sandton CBD, Johannesburg CBD and Hartebeesfonteindam, at a cost of R8800 for minimum 2 persons.

From Midrand we turn East via the Pinedene route via the Rietvlei Nature Reserve, past Pretoria East to Cullinan to view the imposing opencast mine where the world famous 3 106carat, Cullinan diamond was found in 1905.

Turning west, we head to the asteroid impact crater, known as the “Tswaing Asteroid Crater”, one of about 170 impact craters in the world. The impact of the asteroid 200 000 years ago, left a crater 100 metres high and a kilometre in diameter. The impact was the equivalent of around 100 atomic bombs similar to that dropped on Hiroshima.

Further west, we avoid the no fly zone over the Indaba Nuclear facility, but still afford a good view of the site where SA’s nuclear bombs were built and then dismantled.

From the picturesque Hartbeespoort Dam ”Harties” we turn south, returning to Midrand.

Scenic Flight and Clay Pigeon Shooting

  Approximate cost R4 800 per person
  Minimum 2 pax

Option available Tuesdays to Fridays
Departing from Grand Central, we do a 30 minute scenic route via Hartebeespoortdam to Waterhaven Country Estate, where you will spend approximately 1 hour shooting a round of 25 clays, trap or skeet targets with a 12 gauge shotgun. Then we depart again for a 30 minute flight to Grand Central via Kyalami castle/racetrack and Sandton CBD.


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