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We are in the unique position of having access to over 40 different helicopters in Gauteng, from 3 seaters to 13 seaters, allowing us to give you options for the helicopter most suited to your requirements.

We operate from Grand Central, Rand airport or any other accessible landing spot subject to necessary permissions.

Travel in style with our exclusive helicopter service. The helicopter is at your disposal and flies according your schedule, rather than you having to plan around our schedule.

Don’t want to spend time on the road, only to arrive at your destination with little time to spare? Let those aggravating hours in the car be converted to hours of holiday satisfaction. Now you can fly in luxury to popular destinations like Sun City or Vaal Dam anytime from sunrise to sunset.

Please let us know in advance for landings outside our regular destinations. Some distinct landing spots may take a minimum of two days for all the necessary approvals, so please plan in advance. Please see our lists of shuttle service popular destinations.

NB: All prices are estimated & subject to final confirmation of booking.

Helicopter charters provides clients with the following benefits:


  • Access to remote areas
  • Security, discretion and privacy
  • Itinerary flexibility
  • Multiple destinations
  • Private Environment
  • Guaranteed peace of mind